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By Keith Bodner

This giant remark offers 1 Samuel as a cosmopolitan paintings of literature, the place the reader is challenged with a story that's fraught with interpretative percentages. In his certain literary analyzing Bodner lays detailed emphasis at the interesting array of characters that populate the narrative, and at the plot, in its layout and its configurations. hence, a number of fascinating episodes and personalities are handed in assessment: from the symbolically charged closed womb of Hannah to the backwards fall and the damaged neck of Eli, to the unusual travel of the Ark of God throughout the menacing Philistine pentapolis, wreaking havoc. Then there's the advanced portrayal of Samuel the prophet, the emergence of the fugitive David as a pace-setter, and the eventual decline, insanity, and necromancy of King Saul. basically via a literary research of its many ironies and ambiguities, Bodner amply exhibits, can the richness of this vintage royal drama be absolutely liked.

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Yet their hungry descendent is left begging for bread by using an anagram of their name. ‘In these verses’, Robert Gordon (1986: 84) summarizes, there is set forth the rationale for the disinvestiture of the house of Eli and its eventual replacement by the Zadokite family which, after the rustication of Abiathar to Anathoth for his complicity in the Adonijah rebellion (1 Ki. ), exercised a priestly monopoly in the Jerusalem temple for as long as the monarchy and state lasted. 27-36 is quite obviously the longest direct speech in the book thus far, and one guesses that part of the purpose 1 36 1 Samuel: A Narrative Commentary must be to foreground in the reader’s mind the genre of prophetic speech at this important moment on the eve of the monarchy.

It is in the light of these and other thematic, emotive, and ideological connections within the larger story line that the etymology spoken by Hannah makes artistic sense; the story of Samuel’s birth is the story of Saul’s birth as king of Israel. Saul’s destiny, like his name, explains Samuel’s. When Hannah says, ‘For I asked for him (Z\7L ODLY) from the LORD’, she speaks also about Saul (O:DY D:K) and the royal history his reign inaugurates. The final line of the chapter is ambiguous. A literal rendering of the Hebrew text would read, ‘and there he worshipped the LORD’, but it is not clear who the ‘he’ is.

There is some mild controversy over what accompanies them on their trip. Some translations read ‘three bulls’ (MT) while others read ‘a three year old bull’ (LXX). 25. All bull aside, Hannah also brings a skin of wine to Shiloh. According to Num. 8-10, this is entirely appropriate. But in light of all that has happened, Hannah’s transporting a skin of wine injects of moment of levity into the weighty event of Samuel’s nazirite dedication. The skin of wine reminds the reader that her son is not to partake of such beverages, and when she presents both the lad and the wine to Eli, there must be an ironic moment: you accused me of drunkenness, now I present to you the object of my prayer (a son who will not drink wine) along with a skin of wine.

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