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By John Daintith

This best-selling dictionary includes over 9,000 entries on all points of technology and offers accomplished insurance of biology (including human biology), chemistry, physics, the earth sciences, and astronomy. Appendices disguise the periodic desk, geological time scale, and animal and plant class. New positive aspects contain digital thumb tags for simple reference, increased components together with astronomy and earth technology and extra positive factors on key themes reminiscent of the sunlight procedure and Genetically converted Organisms. additionally featured are brief biographies of best scientists and chronologies of particular matters, together with plastics, electronics and telephone biology. either concise and wide-ranging, this dictionary is a perfect convenient reference paintings and nice advent for college students and non-scientists alike.

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Androgens are produced principally by the testes when stimulated with *luteinizing hormone but they are also secreted in smaller amounts by the adrenal glands and the ovaries. Injections of natural or synthetic androgens are used to treat hormonal disorders of the testes and breast cancer and to build up body tissue (see anabolic steroid). anechoic Having a low degree of reverberation with little or no reÛection of sound. An anechoic chamber is one designed for experiments in acoustics. The walls are covered with small pyramids to avoid the formation of stationary waves between facing surfaces and the whole of the interior surface is covered with an absorbent material to avoid reÛections.

It may be readily prepared in the laboratory by the reaction of nitric acid with aqueous ammonia. Industrially, it is manufactured by the same reaction using ammonia gas. Vast quantities of ammonium nitrate are used as fertilizers (over 20 million tonnes Amoeba per year) and it is also a component of some explosives. d. 77; decomposes at 235°C. It is very soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol. It occurs naturally as the mineral mascagnite. Ammonium sulphate was formerly manufactured from the ‘ammoniacal liquors’ produced during coal-gas manufacture but is now produced by the direct reaction between ammonia gas and sulphuric acid.

It is found chieÛy in Brazil, the Urals (Russia), Arizona (USA), and Uruguay. The colour is due to impurities, especially iron oxide. It is used as a gemstone. amides 1. NH2 (the amide group). Compounds containing this group are primary amides. Secondary and tertiary amides can also exist, in which the hydrogen atoms on the nitrogen are replaced by one or two other organic groups respectively. Simple examples of primary amides are ethanamide, CH3CONH2, and propanamide, C2H5CONH2. They are made by heating the ammonium salt of the corresponding carboxylic acid.

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