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By M.H., Harpham, Geoffrey Abrams

First released fifty years in the past, A word list OF LITERARY phrases continues to be a vital textual content for all critical scholars of literature. Now absolutely up-to-date to mirror the newest scholarship on contemporary and swiftly evolving severe theories, the 9th variation features a entire word list of crucial literary phrases offered as a sequence of enticing essays that discover the phrases, position them in context, and recommend comparable entries and extra analyzing. This essential, authoritative, and hugely cheap reference covers phrases precious in discussing literature and literary historical past, thought, and feedback. excellent as a middle textual content for introductory literary thought or as a complement to any literature path, this vintage paintings is a useful reference that scholars can proceed to take advantage of all through their educational careers.

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Archaism has been a standard resort for poetic diction. Through the nineteenth century, for example, many poets continued to use “I ween,” “methought,” “steed,” “taper” (for candle), and “morn,” but only in their verses, not their everyday speech. archetypal criticism: In literary criticism the term archetype denotes recurrent narrative designs, patterns of action, character types, themes, and images which are identifiable in a wide variety of works of literature, as well as in myths, dreams, and even social rituals.

Vellum is sometimes used interchangeably with “parchment,” but is more useful as a term for an especially fine type of parchment that was prepared from the delicate skin of a calf or a kid. To make a codex (the plural is “codices”), the parchment was cut into leaves; as in the modern printed book, the leaves were stitched together on one side and then bound. The great advantages of the codex over the roll were that the codex could be opened at any point; the text could be inscribed on both sides of a leaf; and the resulting book was able to contain a much longer text than a manuscript roll.

The word ever since has been used for an unintentional descent in literature when, straining to be pathetic or passionate or elevated, the writer overshoots the mark and drops into the trivial or the ridiculous. Among his examples Pope cites “the modest request of two absent lovers” in a contemporary poem: Ye Gods! annihilate but Space and Time, And make two lovers happy. ” is bathetic because it moves to intended climax (that is, an ascending sequence of importance) in its rhetorical order, but to unintended descent in its reference—at least for someone who is not a Yale graduate.

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