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Displaying parameters graphically gives an overall impression of the general behaviour and allows estimates of maximum speed and force, regions of maximum acceleration / deceleration (rates of change of speed), etc. but these estimates are subjective. Ideally we want a mathematical function that can be investigated analytically. The calculus of one independent real variable uses the notation y = f(x) where y, the dependent variable, is a function of x, the independent variable. Finding the rate at which y changes with respect to x is a typical problem of differential calculus.

21. l use the product rule to derive the quotient rule. 6 Higher derivatives So far we have reviewed methods for finding the derivative ~ of a function y = f(x). More formally, this is the first derivative; but ~ is itself a function of x and can usually be differentiated again. If the first derivative is differentiable then its derivative is called the second' derivative of y and usually denoted by one of the following cFy y" . "(x), y"(X), dx 2 ' The process can be continued to find a third derivative, d3 y f"'(x), dx 3 ' y"'(x), y"', and so on.

7. 8. 9. Zl + Z2 Zl - Z2 = (al + a2) + (b1 + b2)i = (al - a2) + (b 1 - b2)i = kal + kb1i, where k is a real number If Zl = Z2 then al = a2 and b1 = b2 ZlZ2 = (ala2 - b1b2) + (a1b2 + a2bdi Zl = al - b1i is the complex conjugate of Zb sometimes written as zi ZlZl = a~ + b~ is a real number. Note zz ~ 0 The modulus of Zl is denoted IZII and is defined by IZll2 = ZlZl kZl Addition is associative and commutative: Zl + (Z2 + Z3) = (Zl + Z2) + Z3 , 10. Multiplication is associative and commutative: Division of a complex number by a real number is straightforward; for example, a + bi = 1 + ~i .

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