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By E. A. Maxwell

This can be the second one of a sequence of 4 volumes overlaying all levels of improvement of the Calculus, from the final years in class to measure usual. The books are written for college kids of technological know-how and engineering in addition to for professional mathematicians, and are designed to bridge the space among the works utilized in colleges and extra complicated reports. with their emphasis on rigour. This remedy of algebraic and trigonometric services is the following built to hide logarithmic, exponential and hyperbolic features and the growth of these kind of features as strength sequence. there's a bankruptcy on curves and the belief of complicated numbers is brought for the 1st time. within the ultimate chapters, the writer starts off a scientific therapy of tools of integrating capabilities, introducing rules into what frequently turns out quite a haphazard technique. This quantity, just like the others, is definitely endowed with examples.

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Sketch the graph and find the equation of the tangent at the point on the curve where x = J. REVISION EXAMPLES III 33 32. The slant height of a right circular cone is constant and equal to Z. Prove that the volume of the cone is a maximum when the radius of the base is 33. A lighthouse AB of height c ft. stands on the edge of a vertical cliff OA of height b ft. above sea level. From a small boat at a variable distance x from 0 the angle subtended by AB is 0. Prove that tan 0 = —r . Prove also that, if a is the maximum value of 0, then c Integrate with respect to x: 2x—7 34 ® 35.

This will involve a number of terms of which is typical, and the differential coefficient of this term is Hence, remembering that Rn is a constant, we have F'(x) = -f[x)-{{b-x)f"{x)-f(x)} (n-2)\J ~ (n-l)\J J {X {X)+ {b-af (X) + j (b-a)* "n Kn> after cancelling like terms of opposite signs. But there is a number £ between a, b for which F'(g) = 0, and so M(6-q)(6-fl Equating this to the value of Rn obtained above, we have The value of k is still at our disposal. If we put k = n (as we might have done from the start, of course, had we so desired) we have (6-q)» TAYLOR'S THEOREM 47 and the result enunciated at the head of the paragraph follows at once.

COROLLARY. ILLUSTRATION 15. To find / = eax sin bxdx. bcosbxdx a Ja 1 b C = - eax sin bx — eax cos bxdx. 2 a Hence (1 + -^ I / = - eax sin 6# — 5 eax cos 6a;, \ a2/ a a2 so that / = -g—^2 (a si n te — 6 cos 6a;). 25 THE INTEGRATION OF ex ILLUSTRATION 16. To prove that, if y = eax sin bx9 then dx2 dx -2L =- a eax s u l bx + b eax cos bx dx We have = ay+ beax cos bx. d2y dy . „ , ,„ „„ . -=~2 = a~- + abeax cosbx -b2eax smbx dx dx Hence so that EXAMPLES IV Find the differential coefficients of the following functions: 1 P2X 3.

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