Analysis and Design of Sequential Digital Systems by L. F. Lind, J. C. C. Nelson (auth.) PDF

By L. F. Lind, J. C. C. Nelson (auth.)

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It is evident from several ofthe applications that an ability to load data into the register, before any shifting operations, is important. There are many variations on the ways in which this can be achieved; but two distinct approaches can be identified. In one, all cells of the register are first set to the same value, usually zero; appropriate inputs are then applied only to those cells that are required to contain a value different from the initial one. 15a. 15 Two methods of entering data into a shift register.

9a, where QA, QB and Qc represent the outputs of the three ftip--ftops to be used in the counter. For convenience the required 'next states' are recorded in an adjacent column. 3) requires an input (D) that is one when, and only when, the required next output value is one. Hence, it can INTRODUCTION TO SEQUENTIAL SYSTEMS 41 be seen that flip-flop A requires a D input (DA) that is onewhen QAQBQe =010, 110, 111 and 101. 9b, which also indudes maps for DB and De . 9c. 3 Counters having more than one operating sequence The counters discussed so far have only one specified operating sequence.

9. 31, the right-side upper corner indicates that is an essential prime implicant, as only one combination pattern exists for this square. 32 Removal 01 an essential prime implicant. squares can be used again if needed. Forty per cent of the l's have now been removed! By inspection of the figure it is seen that a minimum of three rectangles (or prime implicants) will be necessary to include all the remaining 1'so One such set is X 1X 3X 4 , X 1X 2 X 4 , X 2 X 3 X 4 , and another is X 1X 2 , X2X3X4, X 1X 3X 4 .

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